What Is A Premium Domain (Name)?

“Your domain name is your potential client’s first point of entry…
A client or customer should be able to tell what kind of business you do by viewing your domain!”

~ Rosslyn Tebbutt, Designer-Founder, SampleBoard.com

What Makes Up A Premium Domain Name?

A domain is considered to be high quality (premium) if the domain name:

  • is a “.COM “(it makes a statement) (which BIG Brand does not have a .com domain?)
  • is an EMD = Exact Match Domain (attracts Direct Type-In Traffic, i.e. visitors)
  • is authoritative
  • is closely associated to the actual service or industry (descriptive)
  • consists of proper English word (s)
  • describes your business and what you stand for (self-explanatory)
  • has already experienced or has the potential to attract a good deal of traffic
  • has been previously registered (aged, seasoned)
  • has no ‘digit’ in it
  • has no ‘hyphen’ in it
  • has no ‘in’ (e.g valetINsingapore.com)
  • has no copyright / trademark infringement issue
  • has no plural
  • has no unfamiliar extensions
  • has strong branding potential (brandable)
  • is generic, short, sounds good, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, easy to remember (memorable)
  • is in “Keyword + Location (geographic)” format (eg. ValetSingapore.com)
  • is keyword-rich (comprises strong keywords and descriptors)
  • is regularly searched
  • is unique
  • looks better
  • is not confusing or long
  • is not synonymous with spam, porn, or illegal sites
  • … and more mayber


A premium domain name…

• provides a positive and lasting experience
• provides value, maximizes branding efforts and establishes an identity
• can experience improved search results (good for SEO)
• could get you more customers, increase your sales revenue and net profits
• holds value for a potential resell. You can sell the name down the road
• tells your customers or prospects that “We’re the leader in our industry.”
• commands authority and respect
• is an ASSET (Virtual Real Estate), and an investment in your brand
• gives you what you want – High Reputation, Visibility and Traffic
• is trusted by visitors (also, people find domain-specific email addresses more trustworthy)



If you are interested in taking over this domain, or in partnering us in this unique opportunity, please contact us.